Our Policies

  • 1 This policy is a written statement for the purpose of expressing commitment to the principles of organic production and our values and goals. Unless required by the applicable standards, we shall not add terms or definitions of our own without approval from the applicant. Our policies are designed to help you better understand the certification process and to make the organic certification process as efficient as we can.
  • 2 We are committed to providing excellent customer service to assist our valuable customers by communicating in a clear and timely manner to provide support and information to our valuable customers to help build long-term relationships with our valuable customers being a transparent, prompt, and service-driven organization. krushicert is committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior, legal compliance, and integrity in the performance of our work. We do not tolerate greed, corruption, or any form of dishonesty – nor will we ever be bullied into compromising our integrity.
  • 3 Krushicert is a non-profit organization that uses certification and other services to promote agriculture and related trades, ensuring the safety and quality of food, agriculture, and related products while supporting the sustainability of natural resources. Our policy is caring intensely about our stakeholders and their ability to succeed.
  • 4 Krushicert has been formulated for the promotion of organic agriculture by providing a holistic knowledge about organic farming, certification, market opportunity, and its linkages. Provides online organic certification system to reduce the cost and improve efficiency in the process of certification.
  • 5 Our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) confirms with national standards, specifies personnel qualification and experience requirements. Processes are documented, standardized, and can be duplicated in any location.
  • 6 If a particular applicant meets the criteria for approval (the applicant completes the self-assessment and provides all required documentation) but does not wish to invest in an on-site inspection, he/she may use the krushicert certification for two years.
  • 7 Krushicert is one of the top companies in certifications. We believe in providing the best quality service, transparent services, and timely service to our customers throughout the world. krushicert is a user-friendly certification body that provides assessment & certification services for various management system standards.
  • 8 The krushicert will ensure that the community and the public are able to access your posting information; understand that your company does not discriminate. As importantly, it must also be clear you are actively welcoming all people in a positive and constructive tone, and fostering an environment of inclusion.
  • 9 We have a participatory workplace policy to foster an inclusive decision-making process. This means we encourage discussion of proposals, ideas, and issues until they are resolved. We also have an open-door policy and actively encourage feedback through our different channels, including face-to-face, phone, email, and our intranet.
  • 10 We welcome your feedback and appreciate that you have taken the time to contact us. We are committed to continuously improving our services, therefore complaints will be dealt with in a prompt and objective manner without prejudice or bias and always with the view to solving the problem at hand.
  • 11 In case you find a complaint about the certification division (krushicert) of krushicert services pvt. ltd. personnel or services, our policy is to handle the complaints professionally and promptly.
  • 12 Aiming to make sure that our services are as good as they can be, we have an effective contact-handling system. for this, we need your help in following our simple procedures when contacting us.