Certification Process

Application With all Required Documents

A person seeking organic certification of production, processing or handling operation shall submit an application for registration in the prescribed format of krushicert. The application shall include an organic production or handling system plan, all information requested in the application shall be completed in full i.e. name, addresses, details of contact person, telephone number of the authorized person etc.The names of organic certification body to which application is previously made and out come, non-compliance noted if any, copy of such records and reason for applying shall be given. Any other information necessary to determine the compliance with the standards specified.


Review & Quotation

Review of application submitted by applicant is carried out by krushicert and any information required shall be communicated to the operator and operator shall submit the requested information immediately. Along with that quotation is prepared as per the tariff structure and communicated to the applicant.


Registration & Contract Signing

Registration and Inspection is undertaken only after the applicant submits all the required information as per review remark and payment of fees as mentioned in the quotation & invoice. After that inspection & certification contract signed between the applicant with krushicert. The balance payment has to be made by the operator before the issuance of the certificate.


Site Audit – Preparation of Audit Report

Once all requirements have been satisfied an official inspector conducts an on-site inspection of the farm or facility for verification of information on organic production plan submitted by the operator and practical implementation of the standards and submits a report to the evaluator of krushicert along with supporting documents and evidence.


Evaluation of Audit Report & Non-Compliance Closing

A copy of the audit report with supporting documents is sent to the concerned evaluator. Inspection reports shall be evaluated by the evaluator within reasonable time and any additional information required shall be addressed to the operator.

In case of any non compliance to the prescribed standards an explanation shall be called from the operator and once the corrective actions are received from the operator, evaluation of the corrective actions taken and supporting documentation submitted take place.


Certification Decision

Based on evaluator’s and inspection findings the certification committee takes a decision of granting certification to the operator and is communicated to the operator in writing.


Issuance Scope Certificate

On the basis of certification committee decision scope certificate generated on tracenet.


Issuance of Transaction Certificate if Required

After getting certification the operator can apply for a transaction certificate along with all supporting documents if required. Transaction certificates shall be issued only after complete verification as per requirements.